About Us

An Adelaide-based development company that you can trust

Enee are an innovative technology provider, focused on helping businesses become better through technology.

We work closely with our customers to get an intimate understanding of your business and where best to focus your resources. This gives you huge efficiencies in responsiveness and costs, delivering the utmost value to you.

Why should you choose us? Good question.

Superb Communicators

We leave unnecessary tech jargon out and focus on explaining concepts in a clear, simple, human way.

Trusted Advisors

We would never advise technology for the sake of it, we're always going to suggest a solution that is the best fit for your business.

Focus on Business

As a growing business ourselves, we understand the importance of viewing things from a holistic business perspective first.

Award Winning Apps

We focus on building our apps with the latest, most flexible and innovative technology. That's what makes our apps award winning!

Cutting-Edge Technologies

There's a reason that we've chosen particular technologies, we want to ensure that you're building with the latest technology and can leverage performance and efficiency.

Years of Experience

We've had over 10 years of experience and built up a strong, loyal customer base that continue to use us as their developer of choice.

Our Leadership Team

Kosta Haltis

Technical Director

Kosta has had decades of experience within web and IT, but his focus lies within laravel and statamic development. Kosta loves learning about businesses and is passionate about helping businesses grow and become more efficient through the automation of processes, with the help of technology.

Christopher Sale

Managing Director

Growing up with technology and fascinated by business and finance, Christopher has over 10 years of experience as an engineer and a technology advisor with large enterprise, government and SME business. His focus with continuously improving customer service and business acumen makes him someone that you want on your team!

More about the team

With our expertise and your industry and business experience we make the perfect partnership.

“Working with the Enee team was amazing. Right from the beginning, they understood the vision for my app and worked with me to use technology to bring it to life.Their communication was excellent, they responded to any enquiries I had quickly and with a friendly manner, and they always made sure I understood where we were in the process.

The result for me is an amazing looking app, that is incredibly functional. I am always getting comments on how easy it is to use and how UX-friendly the design is. Best of all, they worked on me with a roadmap so we have clear path on how to scale the app in the future, as my business grows.”

amber rushton kickstart your marketing.
Amber Rushton
Owner at Social Media Content Studio

“During the past 8 years our company has been working with Enee Solutions for their continued IT Support and on numerous different kinds of projects. The company offers high quality services. We can say that we have always been satisfied by their work.

Enee Solutions are currently working with us on a Mobile App for our onsite tracking. This has been progressing really well thus far and we are very excited to see this come into fruition. I strongly recommend the services of Kosta, Christopher and their team and I am looking forward to IJF’s continued relationship with Enee Solutions moving forward.”

ijf australia company logo.
Mark Monteleone
Project Operations Manager at IJF

"I had the pleasure of working with Enee over the course of a year to redevelop our desktop application into a new and innovative web-based solution, allowing for robust development and maintenance of ISO-based management systems.

The resultant product essentially revolutionised the system and was implemented Australia-wide, to a broad range of clients across numerous industries. They were able to provide a truly innovative service; transforming the application, surpassing client requirements and providing unparalleled tech support. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone considering developing custom software."

steven small jlb.
Steven Small
Digital Marketing Manager at JLB

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you developers local?

    Yes, all our developers work directly from Australia.

  • How long does it take to build custom software?

    It’s difficult to predict exactly how long a web or mobile app will take to complete. This is heavily dependent on the size and scope of the project.

    Smaller custom applications can start from as little as a couple months, and larger projects can take much longer depending on the scale of the scope and budget constraints.

    We have teams of developers available to speed up development as per your requirements, so it’s best to get in touch and we can discuss and provide an estimate specific to your app requirements.

  • For mobile apps, do I need to have an iOS app or an Android app developed?

    With other app companies, this would be a key consideration – determining which platform to develop for first.

    Traditionally, it requires different skill sets, and therefore extra cost to build for both platforms.

    Luckily with Enee, our unique process and technologies allow us to develop your application once, and deliver to both platforms together!

  • What is the benefit of a custom software over a commercial off-the-shelf app?

    If a commercial off-the-shelf application meets the large majority of your software needs, it is often the best choice to purchase or subscribe to the existing service, as opposed to developing a custom web application specifically for your business.

    However, there are many reasons a custom or bespoke web app becomes a worthy business investment:

    The commercial options are over-complicated and extremely expensive for your requirements, or too simple and do not fit your business processes

    You may have identified a unique opportunity to automate or innovate in your business, that has not been implemented by other software products as you require

    You may have identified an opportunity to commercialise an idea or disrupt existing application

    The options are endless! And we are here to help you navigate the complexities of assessing this business decision. Get in touch and we can start discussions with you.

  • What do I need to get started?

    You’ll need a clear idea of an opportunity to take advantage of, or problem that you need solving.

    These could be things like a major inefficiency in your business that you would like to solve, or a clear goal/objective you would like to achieve. If you have already started thinking in terms of software, other information that is useful is a target audience (who will be the users, stakeholders and beneficiaries) and any specific features and functionality that you’d like to have.

    While we provide you with the information in regards to how much things will cost, it is also important that you have an idea of how much you can spend, so that we can discuss and propose a solution that best fits your budget.

    It's okay if all this information is rough. It is common to be uncertain, and ideas to be fuzzy. We can help you refine the details. Once you have thought about that information, get in touch and we can help you get started!

eneedev satisfaction guarantee.

Don't sweat the small stuff

We are so sure that you will be happy working with us, that we're willing to bet money on it.

For all our initial app consultations we guarantee to:

  • Help you explore and define your idea
  • Challenge any assumptions that you may be blind to
  • Provide you with things to consider when validating your idea
  • Provide information and advice based on our experience
  • Provide you with direction and next steps for developing your custom software

Take the first step to develop the best custom software for your business

With our FREE no obligation initial consult, we can provide information and advice based on our experience, specific to your business. You’ll leave with a better understanding of your idea and a clear direction of the next steps. We guarantee it!

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